NinjaCopier is a file management program with many features. For example it copies folders and files without annoying errors, stupid warnings or stops, it can do background scheduled copies, batch file renaming, create virtual folders of files, plus much much more...

Download NinjaCopier Here

NinJaCopier v2.024 (Aug/2013) [2.59Mb] - Full & 14 Day Trial Version download
This version offers 14 day trial without an activation key.

NinjaCopier is worth getting just for the copy function alone. I have a 170GB document folder I like to regularly backup but have accessible on an external drive. Windows can only copy the entire thing which takes hours and always stops with 'Are you sure...' requests. NinjaCopier copies just the changes in minutes and never stops to prompt me with useless questions. - Gary (Florida)

I tried running two copies at once. One to search for some files across all my drives at once, and the other to copy a folder from one drive to another and it all worked perfectly. I love this program - Hans - (Frankfurt)

I use the batch renaming process quite a lot for my photography. It allows me to set a filename and then auto numerically increment each file into the destination folder, absolutely wonderful. - Peter (Australia)

The background backup events are very useful, its like always having a second copy of your files on hand regularly backed up without my involement. - Tracey (Richlands)

Once in a while a little gem comes along that you wonder how you ever did without it. NinjaCoper is one such gem. I made a request to the author for a feature and within one week he delivered it. Show me one other program with that kind of support. Thanks so much - Jolene (Manchester UK)

Windows has never had a full featured wildcard search. I use NinjaCopier to find all sort of files that windows is unable to separate. For example a program I use can leave behind files that contain a tild '~' in the filename somewhere, so I use *.*~* which windows does not support, Fabulous! - Joshua (Anaheim USA)

I recently lost days of work, but since getting NinjaCopier I will never lose work again. I have it set to background copy an entire folder externally every hour. Highly recommended - Bill (Winnipeg Can)

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Business Users must purchase a business user license. Home User licenses are not licensed for use in a company or business.
Please email support @ ninjacopier . com for site licenses, upgrades or pre-purchase questions.

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